Challaborough Kayak Hire

Kayak Hire

Hiring a kayak from us is a great way to see the sites at Challaborough. The kayak we provide is a sit on top kayak, this means that if you were to fall off of your kayak, you will not get stuck inside it. And to add to the benefits, you are able to roll it over in the water and climb back onto it, meaning that you can rescue yourself. Our sit on top kayaks are super stable and easy to maneuver, allowing you to focus more on the joyous experience of being out on the water. Our kayaks come with features that make your experience all the better such as storage located behind you, this will allow you to take anything you want out on the water with you without worrying about losing it. They also come with multiple slots for your feet, this means that our boats can accommodate paddlers of almost any size. Thanks to their design kayaks can be paddled into the wind a lot easier than other craft, this opens up more options on the water without putting yourself at risk. We still advise you to listen to our staff’s advice on where it is acceptable to go on the day.

If you choose kayak hire with ABC Watersports, we won’t just hand you the kit and wave goodbye. Our qualified staff will give you some pointers on technique, hand you a map of the area, show you the best places to explore considering the current tide and weather and always keep an eye out for your safety whilst you’re on the water. We’re here to make sure you have an experience that is both fun and safe. Our staff are all friendly and approachable, they have the experience and knowledge to answer any questions that you might have. Make the most of the team and they will help give you the best experience you can have on the water.

We offer both Single and Double Kayak Hire


All ABC Watersports staff are registered members of British Canoeing, the National Governing Body for paddlesports. Each staff member is trained to (and very often above) the standard required by British Canoeing to provide these activities and this includes a 16 hour first aid qualification. ABC Watersports staff carry the necessary first aid and safety equipment with them at all times.